Friday, June 10, 2011

Stopping chemtrail by talking?

Chemtrail will be explained in detail next time. What intrigued me to write today is how people thought that you can do something for something so global just by talking.

Chemtrail is something that happen all over the world. People report observing plane that create trail everywhere. While the rate is difference from places to places, many people post photos and video of their observation from different part of the world.

And yet, some people think that they can prevent spraying just talking to receptionist of government building at his town. Ok, this is may be too extreme example, but who knows that people actually do this too.

I don't think you can stop chemtrailing even if we can talk to the leader of your country.

With the scale that big, the leader of your country must already receive information from their staff. If they still do not announce anything and the chemtrail still happen to the people then that can be something that even they can not handle.

If the one that spray the chemtrail can do this globally, wouldn't they have something to be used to face each country leader?

If you explain everything and they still deny it then you must think of possibility of they already knew but choose to pretend not knowing. May be to protect their family, or to protect their country, or to protect their work, or to protect their huge income.

Sorry guys, I don't think talking to a government higher ups can change anything. You may just waste money or time. Maybe by creating larger awareness to people can help. But if just convincing a friend of yours is very hard, then how can you expect to convince a stranger?

I would consider a more direct action. Not by talking but by creating something that would prevent chemtrail from achieving its purposes. I choose to made cemenite.

I do not care if my family, my neighboor or my friend do not believe me. I would satisfy enough if they do not have to suffer as much as the people at other places having similar chemtrail problem. I don't need to make hundreds and I can made it with the same budget as transport to government higher ups...

Don't waste your money talking or convincing other people, use it to prevent the effect instead.

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