Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting energy with voltage without current

"Voltage without current" is a word commonly heard in "free energy" community. It usually refer to Tom Bearden saying of not to destroy the dipole. We get the energy but the dipole (the charge) do not leak or discharge.

It means that to get free energy from an electronic circuit we have to use only voltage but should never use any current. We allow the voltage the flow but before any current getting trough we stop it.

Well, this is another bullshit theory.

First, many potential "free energy" device that using battery always use current. And using current means destroying the dipole. Without current we can not make the coil to produce eletromagnetic field, no power to do anything, no power to ionize, no power to electrolize, etc. Power is multiplication of voltage AND current. Without current there will be no power.

If there is supposed to be a door of free energy somewhere, we need power to open this door. Without power, no chance to open the door.

Second, it is impossible to tell transistor to only voltage but not allowing the current. There is simply no transistor can do that fast enough. Using mechanical also have similar limitation.

Voltage without current is bullshit.

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