Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ocean acidification by BP Gulf Oil spill

Many people mention danger of BP Gulf oil spill by its direct effects. Namely how the animal is caught out in the oil. How coral reef is dying by the covering oil.

You can see more info on wiki:

However, most overlook the fact that the attempt to clear out the oil spill is using bactery that known to produce acid. There are many video that mention how the agent used is "eating" metal. That is a sign of acid!

So not only by the oil, pollution also happen because of the attempt to clear the oil. And it is ocean acidification.

Can you imagine how much acidification will happen with so many oil covering the sea? It wouldn't be unsignificant.

If you follow Global warming movement, you will notice that ocean acidification is big problem need to be solved from CO2 pollution. Ocean acidification destroy coral reef and eventualy will also destroy the one at the top of food cycle, us.

You can read more info on the effects of ocean acidification on this pdf bellow:
Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs and Other Marine Calcifiers

Ocean acidification is big concern in global warming movement, now it made worse by the attempt to remove oil spill. Maybe it is better to leave it alone than to allow those people to try to clean it but will introduce another problem.

God bless us.

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