Friday, June 3, 2011

Cellphone and brain cancer

WHO just admit that cellphone may cause brain cancer. This may surprise some of you. Should you stop using cellphone now? What you can do?

I believe that what make cellphone dangerous is not emf, so I think any solution using emf prevention will be USELESS. Many people think that cellphone is dangerous because it work close to gigahertz frequency. Other think it is the level of EM radiation that it became dangerous.

But I don't think both assumption are correct. Both are wrong. Device that work on gigahertz frequency already exist for sometime and people who work at telecomunication center do not suffer brain cancer worse than everyone else. If giga hertz and EMF level is the cause, don't you think cellphone R&D or people who work around cellphone tower will get the brain cancer first?

And yet, they don't. If brain cancer case is not proportional with gigahertz and EMF level environment exposure, then blaming it on electro-magnetic is a bullshit.

I believe that the true solution lies on the orgone property of the cellphone. Which I think happen to be the worse kind because of lack of attention from the researcher of cellphone safety. They don't even acknowledge it exist so I doubt they will fix it anytimes later.

Because of that, we have to do it our own. Fortunately we can prevent brain cancer by using device that produce good orgone, the kind of orgone that is opposite of what cellphone produce. It is also cheap. I only spent less than $2 to make it. You can make it yourself too. But becarefull because you can also endup boosting the cellphone effect to the worse.

My solution is called cemenite. Just google it.

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