Sunday, August 14, 2011

Persistent contrails relation with drought

Regardless if you believe in chemtrails or not. The trails still not harmless. At least trails heat the earth. It eliminate rain clouds which can cool the earth and replacing it with cirrus that can heat the earth
"The researchers note that contrail cirrus also reduce natural cirrus coverage"
"Contrail-cirrus clusters build up regionally and may prevent natural clouds from forming"
"We also find that contrail cirrus cause a significant decrease in natural cloudiness"

This is something I already observe my self and still waiting for a chance to record them my self.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Debunking Old-timer Debunks Chemtrails

The link:

"Day graciously agreed to examine photographs of chemtrails to see if he spotted anything unusual. 'This is a perfectly normal situation with cirrocumulus cloud and a single spreading contrail,' he declared after inspecting one photo for a full minute."

The problem is, it is not possible to differentiate between contrails and chemtrail from just a photos. You need video or atleast information of duration.

"The criss-cross pattern is a consequence of planes flying criss-cross patterns....' And the next. 'I've seen many situations like this one....'"

Seeing many do not means that it is a natural phenomena.

"Contrail formation, Day explained, depends on the relative humidity of the atmosphere-- he ratio of what is to what could be at a particular temperature. When relative humidity is low, contrails dissipate within seconds. But when relative humidity is high, especially at the subzerotemperatures of the upper atmosphere, the addition of even a tiny amount of water vapor acts as a catalyst. Under these conditions, contrails may linger and spread to cover the whole sky."

That is true, but it is very questionable that the condition require would happen often. Scientist mention that it rarely to happen.

"At length, Day extracted from his bookshelf a well-thumbed edition of Peterson's Field Guide to Clouds and Weather, which he co-authored in 1991 (a good 10 years before chemtrails became widely discussed), turned to the section on contrails, and pointed to a photograph of a thick, white plume--a plume that looked for all the world like a chemtrail"

Exactly, we can not tell the difference of contrails and chemtrail from just photos. And no one can tell if the photos is actually chemtrail or contrails without more data.

Debunking Contrails ("CHEMTRAILS") are NORMAL

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Here is the report from from September 14th, 2001:

"he International Space Station crew sees them all the time, except when airplanes are not flying, as happened in the days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Three days after suicide airplane hijackers toppled the World Trade Center in New York and slammed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the station crew noted an obvious absence of airborne jetliners from their perch 240 miles (384 kilometers) above Earth. 'I’ll tell you one thing that’s really strange: Normally when we go over the U.S., the sky is like a spider web of contrails,' U.S. astronaut and outpost commander Frank Culbertson told flight controllers at NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston. 'And now the sky is just about completely empty. There are no contrails in the sky,' he added. 'It’s very, very weird.' 'I hadn’t thought of that perspective,' fellow astronaut Cady Coleman replied."
Dissappearance of contrails at the same time of inoperational commercial jet plane do not means the trails is the works of commercial aeroplane because at that time any other plane also do not fly.

The facts is trails a product from aeroplane, but it is not certain yet if commercial plane is responsible for it.

Debunking The April Fool's Joke that nailed Cliff Carnicom

The link:

As part of ongoing analyses requested by Sen. P. Sanchez and a onstituent, this office has performed several additional analyses of the Sweep Assay samples collected with the Airborne Assay Mission of 5 September, 1999 (the "contrail/chemtrail" flights). As directed, and because of the clearly controversial nature of the test results, these were not handled at AlbuChemical as usual, but were performed in-house by M. D. Stevens and J. P. Aguilar.
Even if it is a valid independent results, that do not falsify chemtrail existance.

Not every plane with trails produce chemtrail. And from the science data so far, no one has ever sampled the trails that last for hours using plane.

Both man do sample contrails. But normal contrails is not chemtrail.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Debunking Kim Johnson's Chemtrail Analysis

This is to answer:

have read the letters and reviewed the referenced web pages . In so doing, I have viewed a number of photos purporting to be of aircraft spraying the chemical or biological material into the atmosphere.

In summary, there is no evidence that these "chemtrails" are other than expected, normal contrails from jet aircraft that vary in their shapes, duration, and general presentation based on prevailing weather conditions.
Judging from photos alone is not sufficient to tell the difference. But if they really an expert they should notice anomaly like mentioned bellow:
"Contrails are frequently visible at distances as close as 25-35 m behind the aircraft engines. Using an analytical model of ice crystal growth in the exhaust plume, showed that the number density of ice crystals nucleated must be at least about 104cm-3 in order for the contrail to be visible this quickly...... The simulations suggest that fleshly nucleated sulfuric acid/water aerosols could not grow large enough to spontaneously freeze in the time required."

In summary, there is no evidence that these "chemtrails" are other than expected, normal contrails from jet aircraft that vary in their shapes, duration, and general presentation based on prevailing weather conditions
But to be able to persist for hours, the condition required is extreme and will be very rarely happen in reality.

If the atmospheric water content is not consistent with altitude (picture atmospheric "waves" of high water vapor content below a layer of low water vapor content much like waves on the ocean), then a jet will alternately pass through air that allows contrail formation and air that does not. This gives the appearance of a dashed line if the plane is flying at, or near the perpendicular to the waves.
A possible explanation but not the only one. And may not be the real situation.

There were no pictures or evidence that indicated anything other than the above contrail formation phenomena.
Scientist still can not explain why trails can last for hours too many times on an impossible situation.

Debunking A Pilot's View on Chemtrails

This is to answer argumentation bellow:

If an aircraft were spraying some form of liquid or powdered solid, such as bacterial agents or aluminum particulates as suggested by many theorists, it should be most visible directly behind the trailing edge of the wing (or wherever the nozzles may be located), becoming less visible as it dissipates in the atmosphere in the wake of the plane.
The explanation do not account for the fact that agent exist to modify the behaviour of ice particle, the one that influence the creation of contrails.

Agent that can dissolve or sustain contrail exists. There are many document than mention this agent.

One: video or photographic evidence of aircraft emitting materials in a manner inconsistent with normal contrails, as described above. Two: video evidence of a single aircraft making multiple passes over an area consistent with the formation of the grid pattern. It would be helpful if we could actually see evidence of the spray nozzles being turned on and off during the maneuvers.
It is unfortunate that many who observe it do not have chance to record it. But I do observe it my self.

I seen comb grid, X and V. That can not be explained by wind drift because that happen so fast, in minutes, that the wind must have been supersonic if it is the work of wind.

Descending air currents found in wind shear conditions can carry the aircraft’s exhaust gases to lower elevations and warmer temperatures where the moisture will vaporize, rendering it invisible. The portion of the contrail on the other side of the shear will remain in conditions that support its persistence. This accounts for breaks in visible contrails, which some have theorized indicates the “spray nozzles” have been turned off.
The condition of the sky surely not extreme enough to produce extreme humidity in feets range. And yet we can see trails that last for hours next to a blank. The chance of air pocket having many times more / less humidity is absurd. having 150% RH next to 75% RH should be impossible.

What has happened to our “normal” clouds?
Scientific literature that explain how contrails remove normal clouds exist. Trails that last for hours like chemtrail should be much worse.

The chemicals that exist in contrails are the same ones produced by our automobiles – hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and various oxides of nitrogen.
Volvo aero magazine mention that aircraft produce more significant danger to the environment because they happen at high latitude.

Are “chemtrails” real?
No scientific document ever mention sampling of trails that last for hours. Many scientific document can not explain the existence of trails that last for hours.

Chemtrails existance still not denied yet by scientific community.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Debungking US Air Force chemtrail hoax

USAF mention chemtrail as hoax, more can be read here:

Contrails can remain visible for very long periods of time with the lifetime a function of the temperature, humidity, winds, and aircraft exhaust characteristics.
Yes, it is possible for contrails to remain visible for very long time, but scientist found that the condition required for trails that last for hours is very very rare.

Scientist often found that trails exist in a condition not suitable for very persistence trails. Some example:

Aviation and the Global Atmosphere
"The computed contrail coverage over southeastern Asia is only slightly smaller than that over Europe and North America. Although air traffic is much less extensive over southeastern Asia, this high contrail coverage may result because this region more often has ice-supersaturated air."

The above article speculate that the sky of southeastern Asia has more ice-supersaturated air. However, that speculation is denied by this article:

The Global Distribution of Supersaturation in the Upper Troposphere from the
Atmospheric Infrared Sounder

"In the subtropics, very little supersaturation is seen. Seasonally, supersaturation in the upper tropical troposphere follows major regions of convection (and the supply of humidity).

In middle and high latitudes, there is significant supersaturation near the tropopause, especially in the regions of storm tracks. Highest frequencies in the upper troposphere (Fig. 9) are found in spring and summer. In polar regions (Fig. 10), supersaturation is often seen near the surface as well, particularly in winter, and is quite high over the Antarctic ice cap.

Above article explain that strange things is happening. High contrails coverage is seen on a region with very little supersaturaion and much less air traffic.

Next article explain how the scientist observe contrail that form defying existing knowledge.
Measurements of the growth of the ice budget in a persisting contrail
"In order that the contrail be visible a temperature as much as several degrees bellow the critical temperature is generally required.

In this experiment, as shown in Fig. 5, we actually observed the contrail to form and grow at a temperature several degrees above the critical temperature as defined by appleman, or the laboratory contrail studies of Pillie and Jiusto.

Contrails formed by aircraft may appear to form a grid as the winds disperse the contrails.
Like explained previously, wind can not explain grid that is formed not in sequence. Grid is often seen formed in random order, but will results in almost perfect gap between one trails to another.

Contrails are safe and are a natural phenomenon. They pose no health hazard of any kind.
This is a complete lie. Aircraft exhaust output is not any safer than car exhaust output. Even the aircraft industries acknowledge that jet engine output is not healthy. And Volvoair even mention that aircraft exhaust output may have more impact because they created at very high altitude. Clouds created by toxic substance surely not healthy.

Many people notice the difference of health effects of natural clouds and contrail clouds. Some notice health problem immediately, not waiting for the aerosol to settle down.

I never heard research done on effect of contrail clouds to human.

The bacteria claimed to be DOD developed and patented is actually a common, naturally occurring bacteria.

While the bacteria can occur naturally, the chance of them can be sampled is never mentioned.

One thing that struct me most is how USAF consider contrails to be safe. Previous post explain that contrails and contrail clouds is concluded to be a much stronger promoter of global warming. If government really care about global warming, they should already done something to contrails and contrail clouds. But they have done nothing.