Friday, May 27, 2011

Anti radiation food, do they really work?

After Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown, there are many method of countering the effect of radiation from our body. From the ridiculous to some smart idea. What I want to talk right now is the food method.

Many are suggesting baking soda, spirulina, vitamin C, and many else. This food do this, that food do that. All combined can clean yourself from radiation and bla bla bla bla ....

One big question remain. Do they really work?

I get many link about how to counter radiation with food. But so far I don't see a SINGLE one that show EVIDENCE. All of them are just talking without laboratory data. What the hell?

Ok, no evidence or lab testing. How about testimony? Some people can deal with testimony. Well, the testimony is ZERO too. No one ever refer to a successfull Chernobyl or Hiroshima Bomb cancer success story with some food for instance. A Chernobyl victim tell me that when the food become contaminated, all is useless. That make sense, radiation can mutate everything including drug or food.

Preach me all you want but I think all the article about using food to counter radio active is scam. If the writer of the anti radiation recipe is so confident, why don't they give some to the kamikaze worker at fukushima. Or better, show how good their solution is by walking inside 20 km restriction zone at Fukushima armed with their food. I am warning them though, the food may mutate before even entering their mouth.

Why we shouldn't stop water fluoridation now.

Chlorine Fluoride is a compound that we should refer as a whole:

It is one thing not two. Any website mention it as separate thing is bullshitting. Example:

If you remove the fluoride, you remove the chlorine. Chlorine Fluoride said to be toxic, but without it water will be contaminated with a lot of germs guaranteed to make you sick. Pathogen bacteria will invade the water, and produce a lot more damage than what chlorine fluoride capable of, enough to kill you much faster.

The reason for the "flouride" is the chlorine, it is not to prevent tooth decay. Our ancestor have a great teeth to their old age. Site that promote tooth decay as something important is bullshitting:

If fluoride is as good as they say, then why we see new dental paste invention each year? There are more and more doubt surfacing about fluoride use:

Chlorine fluoride is dangerous, the proof is they are trying to limit it's concentration. Having safety level means the thing is dangerous if you take too many.

However, keep in mind that Chlorine fluoride is in the tap water to prevent much more dangerous sick causing bactery from invading the water. The correct action is not to remove it but to REPLACE it with better or safer method. If you intend to remove the fluoride from the water then you must make sure that you are not allowing more dangerous pathogen to enter the water.

Unfortunately finding alternative of Chlorine fluoride is hard. It usually take a lot of investment. Our water system today use ignorant science that they actually promote the build up of pathogen bactery. Aware science propose the use of kangen water, copper pipe tubing or Viktor Schauberger method of transferring water.

Unfortunately, above solution still not ready yet. You have to stuck on using Chlorine fluoride stripper:

Either way, we waste more money and more energy just to get healthy water because of how ignorant our science is to the health.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

See the world

We often see the world through what we think. That is natural. We can get a lot of truth that way.

However, what if what you see or hear is not all of what happen? Would you still think that you know it all?

Unfortunately, the world is like that. There are people that do not want you to see all the bad thing or even a good thing that happen around you. There are people that carefully choose what you will see and hear. There are people who get benefit from what you don't know.

No one know it all, but sadly there are people that prevent us from know it all.

What I want to tell here is something you may not know. Something that can help you get better life but may be obscured to you. A solution or two, hopefully without too many rant of mine.