Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Debunking A Pilot's View on Chemtrails

This is to answer argumentation bellow:

If an aircraft were spraying some form of liquid or powdered solid, such as bacterial agents or aluminum particulates as suggested by many theorists, it should be most visible directly behind the trailing edge of the wing (or wherever the nozzles may be located), becoming less visible as it dissipates in the atmosphere in the wake of the plane.
The explanation do not account for the fact that agent exist to modify the behaviour of ice particle, the one that influence the creation of contrails.

Agent that can dissolve or sustain contrail exists. There are many document than mention this agent.

One: video or photographic evidence of aircraft emitting materials in a manner inconsistent with normal contrails, as described above. Two: video evidence of a single aircraft making multiple passes over an area consistent with the formation of the grid pattern. It would be helpful if we could actually see evidence of the spray nozzles being turned on and off during the maneuvers.
It is unfortunate that many who observe it do not have chance to record it. But I do observe it my self.

I seen comb grid, X and V. That can not be explained by wind drift because that happen so fast, in minutes, that the wind must have been supersonic if it is the work of wind.

Descending air currents found in wind shear conditions can carry the aircraft’s exhaust gases to lower elevations and warmer temperatures where the moisture will vaporize, rendering it invisible. The portion of the contrail on the other side of the shear will remain in conditions that support its persistence. This accounts for breaks in visible contrails, which some have theorized indicates the “spray nozzles” have been turned off.
The condition of the sky surely not extreme enough to produce extreme humidity in feets range. And yet we can see trails that last for hours next to a blank. The chance of air pocket having many times more / less humidity is absurd. having 150% RH next to 75% RH should be impossible.

What has happened to our “normal” clouds?
Scientific literature that explain how contrails remove normal clouds exist. Trails that last for hours like chemtrail should be much worse.

The chemicals that exist in contrails are the same ones produced by our automobiles – hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and various oxides of nitrogen.
Volvo aero magazine mention that aircraft produce more significant danger to the environment because they happen at high latitude.

Are “chemtrails” real?
No scientific document ever mention sampling of trails that last for hours. Many scientific document can not explain the existence of trails that last for hours.

Chemtrails existance still not denied yet by scientific community.

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