Thursday, July 7, 2011

Debunking The April Fool's Joke that nailed Cliff Carnicom

The link:

As part of ongoing analyses requested by Sen. P. Sanchez and a onstituent, this office has performed several additional analyses of the Sweep Assay samples collected with the Airborne Assay Mission of 5 September, 1999 (the "contrail/chemtrail" flights). As directed, and because of the clearly controversial nature of the test results, these were not handled at AlbuChemical as usual, but were performed in-house by M. D. Stevens and J. P. Aguilar.
Even if it is a valid independent results, that do not falsify chemtrail existance.

Not every plane with trails produce chemtrail. And from the science data so far, no one has ever sampled the trails that last for hours using plane.

Both man do sample contrails. But normal contrails is not chemtrail.

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